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What to Expect

An initial consultation will be scheduled to discuss if Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is appropriate for you.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Hodges will perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation which consists of reviewing your symptoms, past treatment history, medical history, family history and exploring any psychosocial issues you may be experiencing. Based on this evaluation, Dr. Hodges will then explain your diagnosis, answer any questions you may have and present a variety of treatment options.

If TMS is the right treatment for you, treatment sessions can be scheduled to begin immediately. At the first treatment appointment Dr. Hodges will determine the optimal placement and strength of the magnetic field. The first of a series of treatments will be performed on that same day. The magnetic pulses make a clicking sound and feel like a tapping on the scalp but do not result in more than mild discomfort. If you wish, you can listen to music during the TMS session. After the treatment, you can drive and resume your normal activity. TMS is non-invasive, meaning it does not involve surgery, and has no systemic effects. Typical TMS side effects are transient and mild irritation or discomfort at the treatment site and headache. A usual course of treatment for depression involves sessions 5 days a week for 4 to 6 weeks followed by a taper phase. although this can vary depending on your response. As you progress through your treatment, Dr. Hodges will regularly assess with you your status and determine with you the eventual number of treatments.

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